Friday, February 10, 2012

Muddle-headed middle class "Liberalism" or Marxism?

Robert Reich, like Paul Krugman and the rest of these over-paid pundits posing as liberals, continues to evade two major issues:

1. The cost of these wars.

2. Racism and the failure to enforce Affirmative Action.

I find it interesting how Robert Reich doesn't apply the same analysis to Obama as he does towards Romney as Reich is building towards supporting Obama because the Republicans are so bad when in fact Obama and Romney both have the exact same Wall Street agenda couched in different terminology but result in the same thing: wars abroad financed through austerity measures here at home.

No president has ever attacked the living standards as viciously and perniciously as Barack Obama has done yet Reich has the unmitigated gall and audacity--- not to mention total and complete dishonesty--- to pretend Obama is somehow better than Romney:

Shame on the left for not providing the American people with a clear and understandable working class Marxist analysis instead of all of this muddle-headed middle class apology for Barack Obama we are now getting from the well-heeled pundits like Robert Reich and Paul Krugman who build their fantasies supporting Obama around some kernels of truth that end up so distorted all we get is confusion.

Mitt Romney says he is not concerned about the poor while Obama pretends that he is concerned about the poor but really isn't concerned about the poor to the degree he takes the needed steps towards eliminating poverty--- which can be done with the massive redistribution of wealth to fund real living wage jobs and universal social programs like a National Public Health Care System (12-million new jobs if we just begin with primary health care) and a National Public Child Care System (at least three-million new jobs) combined with bringing back C.E.T.A., WPA and CCC we can put everyone in this country back to work if we end these dirty wars and cash in the peace dividends while taxing the hell out of the rich to pay for the rest of the bill.

Robert Reich writes and speaks from an upper-middle class perspective and then he has the nerve to talk about "us" when he has nothing in common with working people who he keeps inserting into his "middle class."

I like reading Robert Reich's "analysis" because he does provide some important facts as kernels of truth; but, one needs to carefully read between the lines and sort fact from fiction.

Working people need to establish their own Marxist think-tanks and action centers in the communities where they live and where they work because this kind of muddled nonsense will never get us beyond Wall Street's control.

Pick up a cheap used copy on-line of "Dynamics of Social Change: A Reader in Marxist Social Science, from the Writings of Marx, Engels and Lenin" by David Goldway, Harry Martel, Howard Selsam. Here are some selections from this book: