Saturday, November 20, 2010

Elect Frank Komarniski... Vote Communist! On Monday, November 29, 2010

Campaign message no. 2
Communist Party campaign in Winnipeg North

Dear Friends, Sisters and Brothers,

We need help to deliver the campaign leaflet to thousands of doors in Winnipeg North! If you can spare a few hours in the next week, give us a call at 586-7824 or reply by email.
The leaflet is attached to this email (pdf format); the text is below.

We are proud to nominate Frank and are campaigning to elect a worker to Parliament.

Darrell Rankin
Manitoba office, Communist Party of Canada

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Put People
before profit!
On Monday, November 29,Elect Frank Komarniski
Vote Communist!
Main issues in Winnipeg North:  Friendly to families. Unfriendly to crime.
1. Create good-paying jobs
End the waste and fear of unemployment. We need jobs for everyone able to work, creating more resources for new universal social programs. How: A 32-hour work week with no loss in pay, lower the pension age to 60, more paid vacations, massive public works spending on housing and child-care centres and to curb carbon emissions.

2. Guarantee fair access to educationEducation should be free and accessible. Increase federal funding for universities and colleges and build highly-subsidized housing for out-of-town students. Ban federal equalization payments to Manitoba or any other province if they increase tuition fees. End the Harper government’s racist under-funding of post-secondary education for Aboriginal students.

3. End the war in AfghanistanGet Canada out of this unjust war launched without the legal authority of the United Nations. The people of Afghanistan must decide their own future, like all nations. Support the troops by bringing them home. Tax the excess profits of the arms industry.

Frank KomarniskiFrank was born in Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba and grew up in Thompson. He moved to Winnipeg in 1982 and has worked 17 years for the City of Winnipeg as an outside worker. He is a member of CUPE 500. A father of four children, Frank joined the Communist Party in 2006.
The Communist Party is proud to nominate Frank.
Let’s put a worker in Parliament!

l Call us to help our campaign!l Ask us about joining!l Send us a cheque to build the Communist Party! Or smaller monthly cheques. We need funds!
l Ask us for the CP’s full platform.
A People’s Alternative for Canada includes justice for Aboriginal peoples, job creation, equality for women, taxing the wealthy and corporations, access to education, fighting racism, expanding social programs, saving the environment, opposing free trade, a foreign policy of peace, defending the family farm, and fair elections, among others.

Reach us at 586-7824 or
387 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg MB R2W 2M3

From Frank Komarniski,
Communist Party candidate
for Winnipeg North:
The Communist Party is campaigning for good-paying jobs and access to education. We are demanding Canada get out of the terrible war in Afghanistan, right now.

I think Manitoba can stop being a low-wage, racist backwater. The North End of Winnipeg can stop being a backwater of this backwater. The Communist Party has real solutions for the real problems, not the same old policies that got us here in the first place.

Communists have always fought for a better society in Canada. But today, much of what we helped win is in danger because of the growing economic crisis, government cuts, privatization of health care and water, and the growing harm of climate change.

Young people are denied their future by the loss of nearly 10,000 manufacturing jobs in Manitoba in the last two years.

Young people are denied an education by tuition hikes in Manitoba and by the Harper government’s racist under-funding of post-secondary education for Aboriginal students.

I don’t want young people to inherit a planet destroyed by climate change. Backed by the Harper government, the giant energy corporations are recklessly promoting uncontrolled energy consumption for the selfish goal of increasing their bloated profits.

The Communist Party is demanding that the government nationalize the energy companies, that they become public property. We are demanding caps on carbon emissions.

The other major parties have no solution. The Manitoba government supports a system that failed in Europe (cap and trade). It will be a failure like the Kyoto treaty.

Canada is a wealthy country. Yet millions of nearly-retired Canadians owe the banks billions of dollars; their homes are almost entirely mortgaged. People who have worked all their life will retire to food banks and total poverty. The Communist Party will nationalize the banks and cancel the debts because housing is a right. We will increase public pensions above the poverty line.

Turning to the war in Afghanistan, which imposes death and destruction on the people of that country. We have no business being there. How is it that we are building schools, roads and water systems there, when we don’t have the same for Aboriginal peoples in Canada? George Bush should be tried as a war criminal, and so should the Canadian politicians that put our troops in Afghanistan.

Liberal and Conservative governments have used the war against terror to trample on civil rights in Canada. Last summer more than 1,000 mainly young people were arrested for peacefully demonstrating at the G8 summit in Toronto. This must stop.

The people of Afghanistan have every right to resist the occupation of their country, just as the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have every right to fight politically and however they can for full national self-determination, a right all nations have in international law.

The Communists have a dream, where all nations in Canada are equal and develop in a voluntary partnership. Canada must stop being a prison house of nations where only the corporate elite in Canada’s English speaking nation have control

The low wages caused by racism and national inequality create a super-profit gravy train for these elite, a huge problem in Manitoba.

We live in a society where people live in constant fear of losing their job, where families are on the edge of losing their homes, where children are afraid every month when there is no food, where young people can’t start a family, and where all these fears are doubled for Aboriginal people, people of colour and women and youth and people with disabilities.

There is too much fear in the North End of Winnipeg. The Communist Party has a plan to end these fears, and for everyone to have a good-paying job and an education.

No single political party can change society. No party can claim credit for establishing medicare or unemployment insurance. Accomplishments like medicare were made by thousands and millions of working people, in trade unions and in their faith organizations, in student groups and women’s organizations.

We need to build up those historic struggles once again, to turn society around.

We can create good-paying jobs, we can create a society that takes care of children and educates our youth. We can end poverty and social inequality. We can get Canada out of Afghanistan and we can solve the problem of inequality among the nations in Canada.

Read the Communist Party’s policies and see why they are the only realisitic solution to the injustice of our present society. They are the most advanced ideas in this election, but we need them today. Their time has come.

A vote for the Communist Party is a vote for real change. It is a vote for the future, a vote against war, a vote to put people before profit, a vote for jobs and education. It is a vote to end fear and to create a far better society.